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Sell your cask


You’re the kind of enthusiast that purchased a cask some years ago and now reached a point you want to bottle your cask but don’t have a clue what to do with 250 + bottles? Sure, we can work something out! Just pop us an email with details on your cask and we’ll always get back to you, for younger casks we require OLA and bulk litres, for more matured casks we need a recent sample and a re-gauge with actual RLA and bulk litres

We promise to offer a fair price and the option to secure a box (or two) of your precious whisky! 


Bottle your cask


You are the proud owner of a cask and seeking a bottling opportunity? Not a clue what to do with 250 + bottles but want a fair profit on your cask? It might be a choice to use Whiskydudes bottling and retail connections. As with selling your cask we need to know accurate details on your cask like RLA and bulk litres and we require a sample as of course no Whiskydudes bottle gets our label without our approval. For details & how this works just send a message and we’ll try to work out a fair deal.  


Exclusive bottlings

If you’re a private individual, a business or a whisky club and seeking for a limited and exclusive bottling feel free to contact us. Together with our retail partners we’ll do our utmost to honour your wishes and get you a limited and exclusive Scotch to you.

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