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Our Philosophy

Being whisky enthusiasts ourselves we sometimes got slightly dissapointed with the industry. Transparency is definitely not one of the industry's main concern, however.. it is, and will forever be, ours. 

We believe in being honest about our products, our methods and what we stand for is the least we can do for you: the whisky enthusiast. What makes our precious whisky the whisky you would like to devour? Exactly what we wanted to know when we started this journey

We offer the finest whisky for fair prices. Perfect price-quality is what we aim for on a daily basis. Besides aforementioned we hold ourselves to the highest standards and together with our philosophy we continue to build upon our, what we call, four pillars.

Our 4 main pillars

Cask Strength

(and if not, it will be clearly marked on the label)

No Colouring

No chill filtration



Cask Strength.

In general we believe it's up to whomever is going to enjoy our whisky to decide whether or not to dilute it down. And because of that we bottle the majority of our whisky at cask strength, only in exceptional cases we might not. At all times this will be clearly noted on the label. No nonsense, pure and straight.


No colouring.

We do not add artificial colouring to our whisky. Never. The colour our whisky has comes straight for maturing in (different types of) oak casks. So don't expect any caramel colouring (E150) going on in your precious WhiskyDudes bottle.


No chill filtration.

It comes as it goes. We believe pure taste lies within what has been in the cask. In all of it forms - and that's why we do not use chill filtration on our whisky during the bottling process. Removing those tiny little particles that could give a little hue from our whisky means extracting taste, taste we rather have in our glasses.



‘We strongly believe in informing you, as whisky enthusiast, fully and with all relevant information. On our releases you will always find both exact distillation date as well as bottling date, besides the total outturn. On our labels we will always clearly state which cask types have been used and, if applicable, second maturation periods. We will only use the term ‘single cask’ if a whisky has spent its total lifetime in the same cask. We believe calling a re-racked whisky ‘single cask’ is simply not correct. The SWA guidance is clear on this as well; only full maturations in one cask can be labeled 'single cask' . And where one would expect some space left for a different interpretaion, both UK and EU law (article 7 of Regulation No.1169/2011) requires discriptions to be accurate and not misleading.  Whiskydudes will always comply to SWA rules & guidance.

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